If you are searching for a tree removal expert, 81Tree Services has the certified arborists you need to remove your trees safely. Most tree removal projects are not fit for the average handyman, because there’s a lot that goes into tree removal that only tree removal experts are licensed in. Certified arborists at 81Tree Services go through a comprehensive examination that covers everything on tree care and removal to become the best tree removal expert. Below we will explain some reasons why you might need to employ a tree removal expert so your property stays safe and beautiful.

Dead Branches

If you happen to have dead branches on one side of your tree, the tree will be lopsided which can result in a falling tree and can damage people or property. A tree removal expert is adept in figuring out the root cause of dead branches, such as root or trunk damage, and can easily remove dead limbs and evaluate the situation to determine whether or not the tree should be removed entirely. Tree removal experts at 81Tree Services will find out the best course of action for your tree to prevent the least amount of damage.

Rot or Fungus

If you are inspecting your tree and notice fungi, it could be a root disease or internal tree rot, however, not all signs of mushrooms or fungi mean that the tree is damaged. If you are unsure but suspect that your tree might be suffering from some form of internal rot, contact one of our tree removal experts. Our certified arborists will inspect the area and let you know whether or not one of our tree removal experts should go ahead and remove the tree to avoid further damage. If over half of the root system appears to be damaged, it is best for a tree removal expert to remove the tree because it will have little chance of survival.

Leaning Trees

If a tree happens to be growing sideways, it will pose more of a hazard unlike trees that grow upright. This may be a problem aesthetically, or it could be a more severe problem if the tree is likely to damage property due to it’s horizontal position. Our Tree removal experts will determine whether your tree is stable enough to continue growing horizontally, or whether it would be best to remove it for safety reasons. If your tree is leaning all of a sudden, this could suggest a weakness in the roots, and one of our tree removal experts should remove it immediately so it doesn’t cause any property damage.

Power Lines

If your tree is growing underneath power lines, it’s essential that the branches are thinned out so that a power failure or property damage can be prevented in wet weather. It’s important to remove any tree limbs in the way of power lines, and our tree removal experts are certified arborists who know the ins and outs of limb removal. It can be dangerous working near power lines, so make sure you contact one of our tree removal experts so that you can remain hazard-free.