Summer is upon us in Florida, which means hurricane season is in effect. Tree removal services are essential if your property contains trees that are weak or dying, so that your house and belongings stay safe in high winds and rain. At 81Tree Services, we offer essential tree removal services so that you can prepare for any weather that comes your way. There are many benefits to employing tree removal services on your property, but sometimes it can be hard to tell whether tree removal services are necessary. Here we will go over the different reasons tree removal services should be used.

What is the species of the tree?

There are different species of trees that benefit from tree removal services, because of their tendency towards breakage or dropping large amounts of debris. Sometimes shallow roots can damage your lawn or driveway, or, for some tree species, invasive insects may be prone to inhabit the tree. If you are unsure whether your tree species warrants tree removal services, contact 81Tree Services so that we can determine your tree species and the best course of action.

Tree Health

Depending on the state of your tree’s health, it may be best to employ tree removal services to avoid any further damage. For example, if 50% or more of your tree is dead or damaged, it would be beneficial to have tree removal services remove the full tree so that your property looks better, and to avoid pests like termites that might inhabit dying wood. Trunk damage can be a sure sign that tree removal services should be employed, because large cracks or seams can suggest internal damage and decay. If the trunk happens to be hollow, tree removal services can ensure the safety of your property by removing an unstable tree to prevent the possibility of it falling down.

Large dead tree limbs are also a danger to people and property. By employing tree removal services, you are ensuring nothing gets damaged by falling limbs, especially during a tropical storm.

Sprouts or Shoots?

If there are sprouts or shoots coming out of the base of the tree trunk, it is indicative of stress to the tree itself. This may happen due to too much sun exposure, a change in the soil or excavation of the property. Consult with one of our arborists to determine the root causes of sprouts or shoots coming from the tree trunk, and we will decide if it is best to employ tree removal services to remove the problem.

It is essential that you discuss your tree removal services with one of our certified arborists at 81Tree Services. There are many factors involved when deciding whether or not to remove a tree, especially if the tree poses a danger to people or property. Tree removal services should only be done by experts, because it can be challenging and risky to do on your own. Call us today with any questions you might have about tree removal services.