It’s always safer to hire a licensed arborist when it comes to large tree removal, and at 81Tree Services, our professionals have all the equipment and expertise needed for your large tree removal endeavor. You may think you have what it takes for large tree removal, but you might be surprised just how much equipment and expertise is needed for large tree removal to be effective.

Even if you do have some of the necessary tools for large tree removal, there’s more that goes into it than just cutting, climbing, and trimming. The difference between a layperson and an arborist is that arborists are well educated about tree care, and know the science that goes into large tree removal. Certified arborists assess the situation and provide a tree diagnosis, just like a doctor does. They are adept at preventing and treating all kinds of tree diseases as well, and are skilled climbers who know the ins and outs of large tree removal.

Large Tree Removal Tools

Our skilled and certified arborists at 81Tree Services know both the physics and biology of trees and large tree removal. They can safely climb trees, and they know just what rigs and saws to use to perform various tasks. Our arborists are also adept at determining where branches and limbs will fall when performing large tree removal.

There are generally four types of equipment used by arborists for all kinds of tree needs including large tree removal. A variety of rigging equipment is an essential part of any arborist’s toolbox, because for large tree removal, an arborist needs to climb the tree to bring cut limbs back to the ground in a safe manner. Some of these large tree removal rigging tools include friction brakes, blocks and pulleys, rigging plates, carabiners, slings, winches, swivels, power pullers, ring slings, rigging thimbles, cables hoists and ropes.

Another important type of equipment needed for large tree removal is various types of cutting equipment. This includes equipment such as pruners, hand saws, pole saws, hand pruners, wood chippers, tree loppers, axes, wedges, hatchets, hedge trimmers and chainsaws. Trained arborists know which branches need to be cut for large tree removal and to optimize tree growth in healthy trees, so consider calling a company like 81Tree Services before deciding to use any of this equipment yourself.

Trimming equipment is another essential piece of an arborist’s toolbox, and is used for healthy trees, not for large tree removal. Trimming equipment includes landscaping tools, pruners, wood chippers, chain saws, saw scabbards and more.

Tree climbing equipment is of optimal importance when it comes to large tree removal and other procedures, however, it can be particularly treacherous. An arborist at 81Tree Services is certified and trained to perform dangerous tree climbing procedures and keep safety at the forefront of their endeavors. Hiring a certified arborist will ensure they take proper care with their equipment including hard hats and helmets, protective goggles and glasses, protective clothing, spurs, straps, ascenders and descenders, pulleys, etc.

Contact 81Tree services today to hire an experienced arborist for all of your large tree removal needs.