Tree removal is an essential part of owning a piece of property, especially in Florida, where wind and rain can do damage to trees, especially during the summer. At 81Tree Services, we specialize in tree removal no matter the size or state of the tree, and our experts are certified arborists who have years of experience under their belts.

Advantages of Tree Removal

There are many advantages when it comes to tree removal. Although some people are concerned about tree removal being harmful for the environment, tree removal is sometimes a necessity and doesn’t always have adverse consequences. For example, tree removal can sometimes save trees nearby. If a tree is deceased, it can easily accumulate pests or diseases and transfer them to healthy trees in the vicinity. To remove the potentiality of the disease spreading, it’s essential that dead trees are completely removed off of the property. This will preserve healthy trees nearby, and mitigate any pest or disease problems in the future.

Not only does tree removal prevent the spread of pests and diseases, but tree removal can also prevent serious physical hazards that could result in injury or worse. If a tree is beginning to lean precariously or wobble, it’s an indication that the tree needs to be removed to avoid any physical disasters. Tree removal is essential in these cases in order to prevent costly damages to your property, as well as your neighbor’s. Tree removal should be employed when a tree is likely to topple over and knock into electrical wiring, or when it could hit a nearby home or person.

If you are looking to redo your landscaping or encourage plant diversity in your environment, tree removal might be a good option. Tree removal, especially when it comes to removing large trees that take up a lot of ground coverage, can help other species to grow, which encourages the ecosystem to flourish.

Risks of Tree Removal

When it comes to tree removal, there are many risks involved, especially when attempting to remove a tree yourself. If you don’t have proper equipment, tree removal is especially dangerous. For example, chain saws, cranes, ropes, wood chippers, and other equipment that are essential for tree removal can lead to serious injury or property damages when not operated by certified professionals. Hiring a tree removal service like 81Tree Services is the safest way to go about using heavy duty equipment for tree removal.

If a tree is decaying from the inside, tree removal becomes especially dangerous. Not only that, but once a tree starts to fall, determining the speed and direction in which it will fall can be difficult if you are not a trained arborists. Tree removal experts are able to determine which direction the tree is likely to fall, and are skilled at figuring out the best course of action when it comes to tree removal and clearance. For more information on tree removal and the risks and benefits, contact us at 81Tree Services today.