Storm Preparation

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, you know that hurricane season can cause real damage –
especially when it comes to tree limbs falling on your property and vehicles. Storm preparation is
an essential when securing your belongings and preparing for a tropical storm. One of the most
important parts of storm preparation is tree trimming to ensure damaged or weak branches aren’t
prone to fall due to high winds and rain. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we have certified and
licensed arborists that specialize in storm preparation to trim any branch limbs that may cause

Although Florida is known as the “sunshine state,” the Tampa Bay Area ranks high on the list of
American cities with the most thunderstorms, often ranked as #1. This means that storm
preparation is an essential part of life in Tampa, and it’s important to put your trust in a company
that is fully licensed and insured for both your protection and ours. Not only that, but our storm
preparation experts will beat any price quote of our competitors, making 81Tree Services the best
option for tree trimming and storm preparation. If something does happen to your property
during a thunderstorm, don’t fret – 81Tree Services offers property restoration when it comes to
trees, providing you with clearing limbs and damage that fallen trees may have caused due to
lack of storm preparation. In order to avoid having to call us after a storm, make sure you have a
storm preparation plan in place so that we can prepare your property for what’s to come. In the
event of an emergency, we offer 24 hour services to solve any problem you may have, which
may involve preparing for a tropical storm.

It is essential to use a company that is experienced and professional when dealing with storm
preparation for multiple reasons. For one, a tree that is planted in a good location may actually
act as a buffer between your property and the strong winds that could damage it. Our arborists
will determine which trees and which branches would be beneficial to trim for storm preparation,
so that you feel safe and have a better chance of withstanding the storm with zero damage. If
improper storm preparation occurred and a tree on your property is uprooted or blown over
during a storm, 81Tree Services can restore the damage so that your tree can potentially survive.
One of the benefits of hiring trained professionals to take care of storm preparation is that, if
done incorrectly, pruning and trimming trees improperly before a storm in an attempt to prepare
for a storm could actually increase the likelihood that the tree will fall or break more easily
during the storm itself.

Many trees that fall and get damaged during a storm do so due to
improper storm preparation and tree trimming. If you keep up with tree trimming year round,
storm preparation becomes easy because your tree’s branches and foliage are already healthy and
stable – so when a storm approaches there is no need to worry about major damage.