Storm Recovery

Although the Tampa Bay Area is part of the “sunshine state,” tropical storms are common and
can cause devastating damage to your house and vehicles if the trees in the surrounding area are
not taken care of properly. Recovering your property from a storm often requires professional
help from licensed and insured arborists so that your downed trees or branches can be removed
safely and effectively, with no extra damage done.

At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we will help fulfill your storm recovery needs by cleaning and
clearing any fallen debris your trees may have caused on your property. Storm recovery is an
essential part of dealing with tropical storms in the Tampa Bay Area, and it can be a pain trying
to handle the clean up without a professional.

If you are concerned about properly disposing tree cuttings or downed branches during storm
recovery, 81Tree Services can help. It’s important that storm recovery measures are taken so that
your property isn’t a hazard to yourself or others, and to maintain a neat, beautiful landscape. If
you notice any downed trees or branches after surveying your property, storm recovery is
necessary so that paths are clear and your land is hazard free. Additionally, after a tropical storm
many trees become damaged with split or hanging limbs which can cause damage in the near
future. Storm recovery is essential in preventing future problems from occurring, and can be
managed by trimming and pruning hanging limbs in the proper way to ensure your trees continue
to thrive.

Storm recovery may involve removing downed trees and branches as well as pruning and
trimming split or broken limbs. If you have a tree that is partially uprooted, storm recovery is
important in order to dig out the roots and stand the tree upright. If a tree has been uprooted due
to a tropical storm, an essential part of storm recovery that you can do is water the roots regularly
and cover them with soil, a tarp, or mulch so that it can reestablish it’s root system.
Sometimes, storm recovery involves replanting smaller trees that have just been planted until
their root systems are strong enough to withstand high winds and rain. If you find a tree has
fallen, make sure you assess the potential hazards including downed wires or branches that may
be trapped in overhead wires. Make sure you hire qualified professionals to remove these
branches, as they can cause harm. It’s essential to use professionals to ensure your trees are
trimmed during storm recovery in the proper way so that they can grow back strong and
beautiful. Damaged or broken branches need to be cut just outside of the juncture of the branch
and the trunk, with a clean cut to ensure the tree thrives.

At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, our storm recovery specialists are licensed and certified to handle
dangerous situations so that you and your family can stay safe after a tropical storm.
Contact us today to make sure that your trees are properly trimmed now, so that during hurricane
season you won’t have to worry as much about dealing with storm recovery.