Stump Grinding

If you are looking to beautify your land or remove a tree that is a nuisance, posing a threat or
causing damage, many companies will cut the tree but leave the stump. This can be a hassle
while mowing the lawn, or a general eyesore if you are trying to create a lush landscape. At
81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we provide stump grinding services so that your tree can be
removed completely and efficiently, without an annoying stump left over.

Stump grinding is a must when it comes to maintaining a tidy, beautiful yard that looks well
taken care of. If you feel your property is looking neglected, evening out the space by stump
grinding can create a cleaner, neater appearance. Stump grinding is an optimal way to increase
the value of your property while providing a nice visual appeal. If you have a smaller yard, a
stump can take up a decent amount of space and be a nuisance to look at. Stump grinding is a
great way to remove an unwanted stump so that you can redirect the eye and focus on design
elements in your yard or garden. If you need the space a stump is occupying, stump grinding will
remove your tree stump both above and below ground so that you can plant what you want and
create the garden you desire.

Aside from aesthetics, tree stumps can be a problem both as a trip hazard for the elderly and
children especially, as well as a hazard when it comes to mowing the lawn. Stump grinding will
remove the inconvenience of always having to mow around it, and eliminate the possibility of a
stump damaging your lawnmower. Stump grinding ensures trip hazards are eliminated while
removing all the hassles associated with tripping over a stump that may be hard to see.
Stump grinding is a great way to remove the potential pests that are associated with rotting trees
and stumps. Many insects like termites enjoy living in tree stumps, and stump grinding will
ensure those insects don’t have a habitat in which to reside. This protects you and your home
from unwanted pests migrating to your living quarters. Not only do stumps tend to harbor pests,
but they can also harbor diseases. Stump grinding can prevent the spread of tree diseases so that
the other beautiful trees surrounding the area thrive.

If you remove a tree and leave the stump remaining, those stumps can quickly begin to regrow
by sprouting new trees. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, our certified, licensed and insured
arborists are adept at stump grinding so that you only have to remove your tree once, and
eliminate the new growth potential. During stump grinding, both the stump and the roots are
completely removed. This ensures regrowth is never an issue and may save you money in the
long run if you don’t want the tree to grow back.

81Tree Service in Tampa Bay provides full service tree removal so that your time and money are
used effectively and you won’t have to worry about an unwanted stump growing back.