Tree Removal

At 81Tree Services, we specialize in tree removal to ensure the stewardship of your property is
maintained with professional care and expertise. It is beneficial to have a proactive stance when
it comes to tree removal, so that buildings and infrastructure aren’t affected by damaged trees.
When a tree ages, it is important to develop a risk assessment to determine the best course of
action. Our expert arborists at 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay have the knowledge and know-how
to determine if tree removal is necessary or beneficial to your establishment.

Our certified arborists are licensed and insured in Florida and we specialize in dangerous tree
removal so that your property is safe. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we offer emergency tree
removal and tree removal clean-up services to keep your land looking beautiful. If you are
concerned about an old tree that may be rotting or bending, or there is a tree in the way of an area
you need to see or build on, our Tampa Bay arborists are skilled at removing trees no matter how

We all know that trees are a beautiful and useful part of the earth, however many times cases
arise where trees need to be removed due to safety measures or general nuisances. At 81Tree
Services, we provide expert advice in the Tampa Bay Area to ensure you are doing the right thing
if you decide a tree may need to be removed. As trees weaken and age, it’s important to keep an
eye on them in case tree removal is necessary. Many old trees can’t withstand tropical storms,
and when a dying tree falls or breaks, it may damage cars, houses, or even people. If a tree is
completely dead it should be removed as quickly as possible and our certified arborists can
determine if that needs to happen and if so, remove the tree efficiently and effectively.

If a tree is diseased or infected by a pest, it’s important you call 81Tree Services to develop a
plan to either treat the tree, or if it’s too late, to remove the tree from the premises. This ensures
pests don’t travel to other nearby trees which could result in even more tree removal needed. If a
tree is diseased, it can become weak and hazardous to nearby infrastructure. Removing diseased
trees can often be the best option so that your property can flourish.

Encroaching trees often need to be removed in order to maintain the foundational structure of a
building or home. Our tree removal experts will determine the best course of action to take, and
let you know if tree removal is necessary for your situation. Luckily, at 81Tree Services we know
how to remove trees no matter what, and no job is too big for us to accomplish with our expert
and licensed arborists. Our tree removal services offer a better, safer way for tree removal and we
are happy to consult with you to find the proper solution. Call us today for tree removal or a tree
removal consultation at (813)997-7719.