Tree Trimming

In order to maintain a tree’s beautiful appearance, some maintenance needs to be done to produce
shapely, sturdy and lush foliage. Tree trimming is an ideal maintenance regimen to ensure a
healthy tree that continues to grow and flourish. Just like trimming your hair can improve it’s
health and longevity, trimming a tree ensures the same. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, our
certified arborists know the best ways to trim trees so that your landscaping looks pristine and
continues to grow optimally.

Tree trimming is a maintenance procedure that consists of cutting off specific sections of a tree,
like buds, diseased or dead branches, or roots. When trees are trimmed and dead or diseased
branches are removed, the tree produces new, healthier and stronger branches. Storm damage,
sunlight exposure or insect infestation are all reasons why tree branches may be disease ridden or
die. Trimming damaged branches ensures your tree can thrive and produce better foliage.

Extreme heat during the hot summer months in the Tampa Bay Area can also lead to tree
damage, and our arborists are experts at tree trimming to provide the care your trees need.
When trees are still young and growing, structural integrity is a must. Tree trimming and pruning
on young trees will help them develop stronger limbs and a strong structure, while also providing
beautiful and full foliage. As trees age, certain limbs may become weak, diseased, or dead. This
can pose an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with, and at 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay,
we are tree trimming experts and specialize in diagnosing and performing tree maintenance

Florida is known for tropical storms, and it is common to find a broken or damaged tree limb
here and there after a major rainfall. Maintaining tree trimming for your property can prevent
unstable limbs from breaking during storms, however, if a tree limb falls regardless during a
tropical storm, our arborists will quickly and effectively trim any branches that have fallen or are

It’s common for trees to grow so large that their branches lean against structures like houses,
sheds, garages or power lines which can become a fire hazard if not trimmed properly. Tree
trimming can not only improve the general appearance of your landscaping but tree trimming
also provides a necessary safety precaution for you and your property.

Tree trimming can improve so many aspects of your landscaping, such as pedestrian flow if tree
branches are blocking a sidewalk, foot path or bike trail. Tree trimming may be necessary to keep
signs visible, and to keep motorists safe so that traffic can move smoothly. Tree trimming is also
ideal to reduce excessive shade, which may be impeding plant growth around the tree. 81Tree
in Tampa Bay will keep the trees on your property healthy, strong and beautiful so that
you feel safe no matter what the weather throws at you. Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned
should be easy, and our expert arborists will make sure all your needs are met.