Thinking of building a new house or business, or need space to grow what you please? 81Tree
Services in Tampa Bay offers land clearing so that all trees and natural vegetation are removed
for your next big project. Of course, land clearing is paramount for site preparation, and tree
removal can be a big endeavor. Hiring qualified, licensed and insured professionals at 81Tree
Services ensures you a complete, safe and thorough land clearing so that you can start building!
There are many advantages to land clearing when considering building. Not only does land
clearing enhance the usability of the land, but it reduces hazards and threats to surrounding
neighborhoods so that the area remains clean and safe for all. Sometimes a piece of land is filled
with plants that carry diseases or pests, and land clearing can prevent these diseases and pests
from spreading to other nearby areas. Land clearing can effectively make surrounding areas
healthier in this regard.

If there are a few beautiful trees or plants you’d like to keep on the land you’d like to clear, the
rest of the vegetation may be crowding them or providing too much shade for those plants to
thrive. Land clearing can help in providing adequate sunlight and soil space for the remaining
trees and plants so they have better access to nutrients and water as well. Land clearing also
provides soil distribution and the elimination of weeds, poisonous plants and invasive species so
that the soil can become healthier instead of eroding.

Land clearing is essential for building, but it also can be a great preventative for forest and
vegetation fires. Land clearing is optimal for getting rid of tree stumps that may be rotting, as
well as dead plants which can be a huge fire hazard. This, in turn, protects the plots and
properties nearby so that the area is safe for everyone. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we
know how the warms weather invites pests to thrive, and land clearing can remove the natural
habitat for pests so that their population decreases and fewer infestations arise.

If you are looking to increase your land value and build an investment, land clearing is a great
option for real estate. Land clearing can enhance the aesthetic of the plot of land so that buyers
may be willing to spend more because they can already see the value in the beautiful piece of
land you’ve maintained. At 81Tree Services in Tampa Bay, we know how to clear land efficiently
and skillfully so that no debris is left behind. Our licensed and insured experts will adequately
remove all vegetation including tree stumps and fallen branches to ensure your land is left
looking picture perfect for your next project or investment. We have the equipment and skill set
to ensure your land can be ready for building, and we can help you decide what to remove and
what to keep so that the natural aesthetic of your land enhances it’s value.